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y government has ordered an immediate restart to coal◆-fueled generators to ease the shortage of liquefied natural gas in◆ northern China. In a notice released on Thursday but only widely ◆publicized on Saturday, theC

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capital's City Management Commission co◆nfirmed that the National Development and Reform Commission, the to◆p economic planner, had ordered a restart of coal-fueled generators◆ to reduce LNG cony

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sumption, Caixin magazine reported. Three major ◆power plants in Beijing confirmed that they had received the notice◆, Caixin reported. To cut concentrations of PM2.5-hazardous fine ◆particulate matter with7

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a diameter of 2.5 microns or less-28 citie◆s including Beijing, Tianjin and cities in Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong ◆and Henan provinces were to use electricity or gas for heating this◆ winter, instead of coal, which is considF

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ered the main cause of the◆ lingering winter smog. However, as the heating season began, some◆ people in these areas found their homes and schools freezing, main◆ly due to LNG shortages. The Ministry of Environmental Pr7

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otection ◆has told authorities to "ensure a warm winter" for the public rathe◆r than delay heating supplies in some northern areas due to natural◆ gas shortages or unfinished projects. Areas that have not yet coz

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m◆pleted conversion projects to replace coal with gas or electric hea◆ting can use coal or any other available measures, the ministry sai◆d in a circular released on Thursday. The China k

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